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Off Ridge Vent Kits

WIP Kits for Off Ridge Vents  

WIP Kits for Off Ridge Vents prevent water from being driven into the attic through the Off Ridge Vents while still allowing heat removal. Made of tough weather resistant materials the WIP Kits are easy and quick to install and never have to be removed.* 

Why do I have Off Ridge Vents? An Off Ridge Vent is installed for the purpose of ventilating the underside of roof deck. If the extreme heat of Southwest Florida is not allowed to escape from your attic, the heat will build up and bake the shingles from underneath allowing the shingle's asphalt base to crack.

However in hurricanes and wind events unmodified off ridge vents allow water into the attic.

Here is what happens:


Standard Off Roof Vents. Water hits the roof, mists and is blown into the attic

Vent with WIP Kits for Off Ridge Vents Installed

WIP Kit stops water from being blown into the attic.

The WIP Kits are specifically designed to prevent water from being blown into the attic. It does this by catching the water mist and condensing it and then allowing it to drain back out.  Because there are vents in the front panel hot air can still flow out, cooling your attic and saving your roof.        For orders and information please call : 1-305-359-5891

*DISCLAIMER WARNING * THE "WIP KITS for Off Ridge Vents" SHOULD ONLY BE INSTALLED BY LICENSED ROOFING PROFESSIONALS. TR Design Group Inc. expressly disclaims any liability for injuries caused by or related to the "WIP Kits for OFF RIDGE VENTS" or their installation.

WIP Kits for Off Ridge Vents,
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