Even new homes can be damaged by water in a storm due to the Off Ridge Vents.

Off Ridge Vents like these often leak in storms causing thousands of dollars of water damage.

WIP Kits for Off Ridge Vents

  • Stop Water Damage

  • Prevent Costly Repairs

  • One Time Easy Installation

  • Universal Kit fits all types of Flat Top Vents

  • Affordable Year Round Protection

  • Reduce the Risk of Mold and Mildew

  • Unique Double Layer Design

  • 10 year Warrantee

  • Made in the USA

The WIP Kit is the first in a new line of products to protect your home from storms and hurricanes.

WIP Kit for Off Ridge Vent installed.
This home is protected, is yours? 

Unmodified Off Ridge Vents allow water to get into your home during strong thunder storms, heavy down pours and hurricanes. Water driven by strong winds becomes a mist when it hits the roof, this mist gets blown into the open bottom of the Off Ridge Vent and into the attic. (See a diagram of this on the Our Product page.) The WIP (Water Intrusion Protection) Kits for Off Ridge Vents stops this problem.

A recent investigation by the Lake County Building Services states:

"As a result of the past hurricanes, a large number of structures have exhibited various degrees of water intrusion. Our preliminary investigations indicate that water may have entered the exterior envelope via the ridge vent, off-ridge vent, soffit; hairline cracks in the walls and/or complete saturation of the wall due to the horizontal wind driven rains created by the events. The building code, while addressing weather protection, does not provide a specific requirement for coatings, etc., or address water intrusion with respect to the events experienced."

*DISCLAIMER WARNING * THE "WIP KITS for Off Ridge Vents" SHOULD ONLY BE INSTALLED BY LICENSED ROOFING PROFESSIONALS. TR Design Group Inc. expressly disclaims any liability for injuries caused by or related to the "WIP Kits for OFF RIDGE VENTS" or their installation.

WIP Kits for Off Ridge Vents,
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