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Off Ridge Vent Kits

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Installation of the WIP Kits  

Installation of the WIP Kit for Off Ridge Vents is a simple procedure. This page explains the installation procedure. Instruction Sheets are also shipped with the kits.

DISCLAIMER: WARNING THE "WIP KIT FOR OFF RIDGE VENTS" SHOULD ONLY BE INSTALLED BY LICENSED ROOFING PROFESSIONALS. TR Design Group Inc. expressly disclaims any liability for injuries caused by or related to the "WIP KIT FOR OFF RIDGE VENTS" or their installation.

WARNING NOTE: After Installation DO NOT apply Tar, Putty or any other roofing fillers to screw heads. The chemicals used in fillers may attack the plastic and it can become brittle and break off during strong winds.

If water does get through the screw heads it would be an insignificant amount as to what the vents are stopping
.        For orders and information please call this number: 1-305-359-5891

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