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Off Ridge Vent Kits

Construction of the WIP Kits  

The WIP Kits for Off Ridge Vents are made of allweather resistant materials that ensures the kit will protect your home season after season. The vent planes are made of durable plastic, specifically a Polypropylene With talc added in a special formula with added UV protection. The metal brackets are made of 18 ga. galvanized sheet metal powder coated black and the holding screws are made of stainless steel oxidized black.

All the components are manufactured here in the United States by established manufacturing companies selected by TR Design Group for their quality and reliability. Each kit is inspected before being packaged for shipment. This ensures the highest possible quality.

However, the durability and strength of our kits is not just a product of what the components are made of, it also depends on the design of the product. WIP Kits are designed to have the minimum number of components while still being able to fit all flat topped off ridge vents (the most popular off ridge vent.) In addition WIP Kits are designed to withstand the heat and cold of being installed on a Florida rooftop all year long.

Because of the strength and durability of the materials and the design of the WIP Kits for Off Ridge Vents, TR Design Group, Inc. is proud to warranty the product against product breakdown and failure for 10 full years.

The WIP Kit is the first in a new line of products to protect your home from storms and hurricanes.        For orders and information please call our toll free number: 1-305-359-5891

*Because installation requires working on the roof we recommend you have a professional install the Off Ridge Vent Kits.

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