About TR Design Group, Inc.  

   "During the hurricane season of 2004 my house was damaged by water coming in through the off ridge vents on my roof. These are designed to allow heat out from the roof and are supposed to prevent water from coming in. I found that these vents stopped the water during normal rainfall but they failed during hurricane and strong wind conditions. So I started investigating to find a way to prevent this in the future." A designer for TR Design Group

With those words TR Design Group was created. TR Design Group is a team of accomplished engineers and designers dedicated to making affordable products to safeguard homes and buildings from high wind and rain events like thunder storms and hurricanes.  The members of TR Design Group have over 30 years of experience in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of plastic and metal components. 

After spending months investigating, designing, testing, modifying and testing again they came up with the first of what will be a new line of products, the much needed WIP (Water Intrusion Protection) Kits for Off Ridge Vent Kits.  

www.WIPKits.com        For orders and information please call :1-305-359-5891

WIP Kits for Off Ridge Vents, patent pending, are manufactured and sold by TR Designs Group Inc. All information on this site is copyright protected and the property of TR Design Group Inc, all rights reserved. Any copy or reuse of this information is prohibited, and requires the express written permission of TR Design Group Inc.